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Sunday, January 4th, 2009

It’s ironic after being spammed here by pharmaceuticals I’m actually going to mention one.  Remember the eyestrain/irritation or whatever it was I mentioned in my last post?  (Assumes she has readers, a bold assumption perhaps but never mind) I am MUCH relieved to say this was greatly helped by Dr. Fischer’s Lyteers.  This has also warned me not to overdo it on the P.C., to take time out, blink a lot etc.  I’ve also stopped using the air spray, just in case that was a factor.  I’d been using it quite a lot lately when diesel fumes or cigarette smoke drifted in from the street. Another factor but one I can’t do much about. I keep the fan running.

Here I am concerned about eye strain and litter down the hillside and the wildlife of my local Mir Forest when Gaza is being bombarded by our military.  Am I callous? No, I have shed tears over the situation but why haven’t I said anything?

I haven’t been totally silent.  On minekey and facebook my approach has been consistent and persistent..  reach out and try to establish good relations with whichever Moslems I can while asserting over and over my desire and dream for mutual coexistence,  but without any compromise on the Jewish rights in this region.

What can that mean?

Well, what are the options?

Here is my dream and it’s not that complex.  Its difficulty will actually be greater in acceptance rather than actual application.

A bi-national state with no walls, fences or borders.   Tear them down! A state run by two major ethnic groups in a completely democratic fashion. We will call the land Israel, ALL the land.  No more ‘West Bank’.  They will call the land Palestine, ALL the land.

We are all here anyway, on this patchwork quilt, their villages on our side of the green line, our settlements on theirs.  Enough of the green lines! Why should anyone be happy with less than all the land they believe to be theirs? There will never be agreement on these borders and they have caused more trouble than they are worth.

Local councils will continue to run local affairs.  On national matters we will, must work together. We will give them the right to call all the land Palestine and they must accept we call it Israel. We speak different languages anyway, the name comes from our histories.  Once it was called Canaan. We know the history, we know there was never a Palestinian state. Irrelevant, they are are here, they are an ethnic presence and their rights cannot be ignored.  There must be mutual acceptance.

The walls divide us, guaranteeing that each will demonize the other, that we will only have our own voices to tell us who they are, and they will experience the same.   This will polarize us, keep the ‘them and us’ mentality going, and therefore the hostility.   Instead I envision dialogue,  mutual respect for our ethnic diversity while at the same time realizing how much we have in common in our heritage, in our language, in our values.

I know many here on this side believe, are convinced, that Jewish values are far above theirs.. and on the other side Jewish values are scorned and they honestly believe theirs are better.  They believe our behaviour in Gaza is proving that.  We believe the actions of ‘Hamas in Gaza is proving our point.   There is both truth and distortion in both views as clearly both cannot be simultaneously totally correct.   Some on both sides will be horrified at moral equivalence with the other, what irony!  The horror is the same on each side!

In truth we are really not so different as we tend to imagine ourselves to be, on each side of the fence, on each side of the wall.   We have the possibility of winning all, of having all but simply agreeing to accept the presence of the other and sharing control, sharing stewardship over all. It isn’t a PIE that we consume on a one off basis, it’s a LAND, there is room!  We need to solve issues together, water issues, population issues, resource issues. This is the same crisis the whole globe faces.

Am I naive?  Not at all, I’ve seen the darkness of human nature, see it now.  I have this dream only because the alternatives are worse, and this is all we have..

We must all walk there together, no losers, or perish.